Our Crusades

We are proud to present our beloved crudités, which have been at the heart of our range for over a century. Whether large or small, each one is part of our rich history and artisan tradition.

From our bakery to your table, we've been making these delights with the same care and passion since day one. Our crusts are a testament to our dedication to quality and flavour - crispy, delicious and perfect for any occasion.

Our crudités have found their home not only in Sweden, but all over the world. Every day we spread the joy of our krustader to households, shops and restaurants from north to south, east to west. And we are just as excited about every new krustad lover we get to meet on this journey.

So whether you're a lifelong crudite enthusiast or you've just discovered our product, we want to say: Welcome to our family. We hope you'll love our crudités as much as we love making them for you.