Skagen scramble

You'll need:​

2 packets of Croustades or 1 packet of Mini Croustades

250g Peeled prawns
1.5 dl mayonnaise
10g Dill
1 small red onion
Black pepper
A small pile
Stand mixer

Step 1

Squeeze out any water and then roughly chop the prawns. Finely chop the red onion & dill. (If you want to make your own mayonnaise: crack a whole egg into a bowl, mix with 1 tsp dijon mustard until it starts to turn white then carefully pour in 2dl rapeseed oil while mixing)

Step 2

Mix together the prawns, mayonnaise, red onion & dill in a bowl, season with salt & black pepper.

Step 3

Fill your crusts, garnish with chopped dill, a sprig of dill or radish.Serve!