Chili Cheese

Chili Cheese

You'll need:​

2 packets of Croustades or 1 packet of Mini Croustades

1.5 dl whipped cream
1.5 dl Smetana
150g Egg yolk
100g Grated Präst or Västerbotten cheese
1 jalapeño
1 small saucepan
Stand mixer

Tip: Always start by picking out all the ingredients and tools you need, preheat the oven!

Step 1

Pour the whipped cream, Smetana & Egg yolk into a saucepan. Slowly heat it up while stirring until it becomes thick (85 degrees).

Step 2

Remove the pan from the stove and mix in the grated cheese, blend the cheese cream until smooth, and season with salt and Tabasco.

Step 3

Transfer the cheese cream to a piping bag and fill the crusts, garnishing with thinly sliced jalapeño to taste. Serve!

Enjoy your meal!