Our recipies

We have garthered a couple of recipies for you to try at home!


Pickled Shiitake and chervil​


Sour cream, red onions, chive & trout rum​

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie & custard sauce​

Avocado & Salmon​

Salmon tartar with avaocado, cucumber & coriander​

Beetroot & Goat Cheese​

Balsamicomarinated beetroot & goat cream with walnuts​

Västerbotten Cheese Pie​

Västerbotten Cheese Pie, red onions, cream cheese, chive & whitefish roe​

Saint Agur Cheese & Figs​

Warm Saint Agur and fig marmalade​

Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt​

Cream- and chocolate truffle with sea salt​

Scallop & Green Peas

Broiled scallop and cream made of green peas

Pumpkin Pie​

Pumpkin Pie with cream and pumpkin seeds