Pumpkin Pie

You'll need:

2 packages of large crusts or 1 package of mini crusts

125g Pumpkin butternut or muscat
1 egg
1 dl caster sugar
0.5 tbsp ground cinnamon
0.5 tablespoons ground ginger
0.5 krm salt
1 tablespoon of wheat flour
Rapeseed oil
A mixing bowl
A hand mixer
A whisk

Tip: Always start by picking out all the ingredients and tools you need!

Step 1

Peel and cut the pumpkin into small pieces and bake them in the oven together with a splash of rapeseed oil (hot air 160 degrees) until soft. Feel free to take care of the pumpkin seeds and toast them together with the pie (at Step 3).

Step 2

Crack the egg into a bowl, add sugar, salt, spices and wheat flour. Mix together to a smooth batter then add the soft pumpkin and mix again until you have a smooth batter again.

Step 3

Fill the crusts ¾ parts with the pumpkin batter and bake it in the oven (hot air 160 degrees) for 15 minutes or until the batter has solidified. Take out and let cool!

Serve with whipped cream and chopped roasted pumpkin seeds.

Have a nice meal!